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Just play the best parts of the game...

...let WYFLAC take care of the rest.

Your no-brainer bot

Configuration through user-friendly graphical user interface. Start-ready user-oriented bot...
...just hit Start, take a seat and laugh for all days.

WWE SuperCard Bot

$8 for 30 days

  • Auto play all game modes:
    1. King Of The Ring
    2. Money In The Bank
    3. PVP
    4. Survivor
    5. Team Battle Grounds
    6. Team Stomping Grounds
    7. Wild
  • Auto play all events with smart strategy:
    1. Code Breaker
    2. Clash of Champions
    3. Giants Unleashed
    4. Last Man Standing
    5. Ring Domination
    6. Road To Glory
    7. War Games
  • Auto enter authentication code so you can farming 24/7 non-stop
All functions here...

Marvel Strike Force Bot

$7.77 for 30 days

  1. Auto play Blitz
  2. Auto play Real-time Arena
  3. Auto play Arena
  4. Auto farm Character Shard
  5. Auto farm Doom campaign for Gears
  6. Auto farm ISO-8
  7. Auto doing Raids:
    • Ultimus VII
    • Doom I
    • Alpha IV, Beta IV, Gamma IV
  8. QoL feature:
    • Auto claim Challenges rewards
    • Auto claim free Energy
    • Auto claim free Orb
    • Auto claim Daily Objectives rewards
    • Daily alliance donation
    • Buy War Energy & Booster
All functions here...

NFL 2K Playmakers Bot

$7 for 30 days

  • Auto play all game modes:
    1. Red Zone Drive
    2. Quick Red
All functions here...

How to start trial and buy?

  1. Join Discord
  2. Download & install Wyflac Bot
  3. Request trial license via DM
  4. Input license
  5. Start bot & enjoy

What do you need?

You have 03 options to use bot:
  1. PC with BlueStack
  2. Android smartphone with F1 VM
  3. Cloud phone such as LD Cloud Phone or Redfinger Cloud Phone