Wash your face like a cat!

Just play the best parts of the game...

...let WYFLAC take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why my bot required Android 7 or higher?

    → My bot is designed with safe software in mind, using available technologies that are officially allowed by Android and this has been done since Android 7.
    You will see my bot does not need root and has no virus.

  2. Why does my bot only work with Image Settings is Low?

    → The important thing about botting 24/7 is stability, not beautiful images.
    Image Settings is Low will make the game lighter and faster.
    It allows devices with weak hardware able to run stably.
    And with powerful hardware will save PC resources for other work.

  3. Why bots ignore Pick in some modes?

    → Picking and dusting for a small amount will take time and depending on the mode this will be applied to save time.


For BlueStack user, you can use

  • "`" key to turn bot off or on without having to open bot.
  • "Q" key to open bot

Only works after granting Accessibility permission successfully.