Wash your face like a cat!

Just play the best parts of the game...

...let WYFLAC take care of the rest.

Important Information

  • My bot run stable on:
    • PC: BlueStacks
    • Phone: F1 VM, VMOS
      My bot CAN NOT run on IPhone
    • Cloud: LDCloud, RedFinger


King Of The Ring

Bot will help you:

  • Fill deck before start
  • Game searching
  • Fill energy each every 15 minutes
  • Claim rewards
    You can also off this function to know the results of each match or combine cards locked by KOTR.


It is very easy to got top 1 in League with my bot

  1. Bot supports all PvP modes, including:
    • War
    • Royal Rumble
    • Women Royal Rumble
    • Elimination Chamber
    • Women Elimination Chamber
  2. With each mode, Bot has its own strategy for optimize performance:
    • Royal Rumble & Women Royal Rumble

      - Bot knows normal cards and sandbag cards and select card correctly with each phase of game

      - Bot has the ability to choose a card with less than 100 matches to train matches.

    • Elimination Chamber & Women Elimination Chamber

      Bot knows if your showed card still takes the advantage or not. If that card is getting weaker, bot will choose the remain. That's why bot can obtain 99.99% win rate.

  3. Bot allows you to choose automatic to get the more 10% bonus, or choose a fixed option to your liking.

Money In The Bank

Bot is optimized so you can get 80SC per game, 100% success.

  • Bot has the ability to detect the 4th and 5th matches to use the support card.
  • Bot gives you the choice to use SuperMove in the 4th or 5th match to gain more benefits.


Bot has been optimized and has its own playing strategy.
It has a rather complicated card picking strategy the same way an experienced person picks because it can recognize stats and arrows and more other things then give decided.

  1. Bot can recognize card stats and duplicate, then give to opponent the card that have most benefit for us.
  2. Bot can combine card and swap card properly.
  3. Bot can recognize the card same with a card in our deck then swap.
  • If you are knowledgeable about Survivor mode, you will understand one thing that to reach the top 1, it requires luck and if you are lucky, my bot will not miss this opportunity.
  • I have reached the top 1 by bot few times during the development and testing of my bot, bot plays 100%.


  • Bot has the ability to choose a card with less than 100 matches to train matches.
  • While other tasks are bouts empty, bot will automatically play Wild.

[Event] Fusion Chamber

  • Bot can recognize event cards and skip dusting them.
  • Bot can help you fusion, according to each events.

[Event] Code Breaker - Man & Woman

  • 85% found the code on the first 4 tries, 15% needed the 5th try.
  • Bot can use Super Move and Refresher sensibly to increase win rate while still saving.

[Event] Clash of Champions

  • Remember the location of the opened card to avoid duplicate openings.
  • Remember the target card position so that in case you lose, bot will find the shortest way to that card to keep the card powers
    To ensure you will win at 2nd time for people have weak deck.

[Event] Giants Unleashed

  • Bot has the ability to recognize and select cards similar to Giants
  • Bot also has the ability to recognize and select odd cards to maximize benefits.
  • Bot can force close game when the number of cards matching with the giants is too low according your configuration.
  • Bot can use gears according to your configuration, and it only uses 1 gear per game

[Event] Last Man Standing

  • Bot will play until 1 heart left. Then it will use Reveal and Block.
    It will give you highest streak at late game.
  • Bot has an Optimize or Fixed point bank strategy to bring the highest score depending on each person's strategy.
  • Bot can recognize active Tech of both side and use Super Move
  • Bot can auto active Buy Picks function to collect more Block and Reveal
  • Default Mode [Fast]
    • Solo match:

      Bot can recognize strongest card to optimized win rate for Solo match.

    • Tag team match:
      1. Bot can detect arrow and if the arrow is same or incompatibility, bot will use SuperMove.
      2. And even weak cards (remaining after Solo match) or incompatibility arrow, with Super Move, we still win.
      3. And if Super Move is unavailable (same or incompatibility arrows), bot will force close game and play other modes to recover Super Move.
        Bot can detect and will come back to LMS as soon as Super Move is full!
  • Force use Super Move Strategy [Slow - Take Time]

    Bot can detect Super Move and play with strategy:

    1. When Super Move is unavailable (all match), bot will force close game and play other mode to recover Super Move
    2. Bot will play LMS as soon as Super Move is full!

    100% you will pass current level, the problem just is bot take time to recover Super Move

[Event] Ring Domination - Solo & Team

  • Bot can detect arrows and stats.
    It play smart, you can join my server and ask people about their feelings.
  • Bot can detect and force close game if we about to lose.

[Event] Road To Glory - Solo & Team

  • Bot can detect and select compatibility arrows.
  • Bot can detect score of two side and force close game if we about to lose.

[Event] War Games

  • Bot can detect arrow and tech of Rings and cards then to give a priority for Ring have highest bonus
  • Bot can detect sandbag cards and select card to ring correctly
  • Bot can use SuperMove, Revive card and Tag-out card

Combine & Train

  • Combine
    • Bot can combine cards into Pro Card based on Active Rarity that you configured.
    • With Training, the Pro card will give more experience points than 2 normal cards.
  • Train
    • Bot can help train card, it has been optimized and runs efficiently.


You may not believe it, but my bot can play Puzzler.

QoL - Quality of life feature

  • Bot can enter authentication code so you can farming 24/7 non-stop
  • Bot can buy bout or watching ads for free bout
  • Bot can help you train matches
  • Bot can keep one Star card for you
  • Auto claim free picks (By watching ads)
  • Auto claim Free Pack (watching ads included)
  • Auto claim daily rewards
  • Auto fill deck before match
  • Auto draft pick right after-game
  • Auto dust selected card types with high speed
  • When players get card limit, bot automatic train or combine card