Wash your face like a cat!

Just play the best parts of the game...

...let WYFLAC take care of the rest.


  1. Install BlueStacks & Game.
  2. Configuration for BlueStacks
  3. Download & Install bot
  4. Grant Accessibility Permission
  5. Read Important Information
  6. Activation your License and Start
  1. Install BlueStacks

    1. Bot is running stable on BlueStacks 5


      • Nougat 32 bit: Recommended for most people.
      • Nougat 64 bit: If you have a strong PC with 16G ram
    2. After installing BlueStacks, install the game and play as usual.
  2. BlueStacks Configuration

    • Graphics Engine: Use Compatibility mode

      When choosing Performance Mode, you may not be able to operate on Bot interface due to incompatibility.

    • Graphics renderer: Depends on your machine. It is possible that both DirectX and OpenGL bot will work. But maybe only 1 in 2 can run.

      If you are unable to operate in the bot interface, try choosing the other mode again.

    • Resolution: Select Custom then input 1440x720
    • DPI: 160 or 240
  3. Download & Install

    • Just go to Download page and download latest version of bot
    • Drag & Drop APK file to BlueStacks for install
  4. Grant Accessibility Permission

    1. At the Home screen, press Accessibility Permission button

    2. Find app bot by name and grant the permission for it.
      Depending on the Apk you use, it could be Spotify! or Instagram!

  5. Important Information

    1. Resolution

      Bot can only run with resolution: 1440 x 720

    2. Language: English

      You must set game language to English

    3. Android version

      Bot can run with Android 7 or higher, and you no need to root.

  6. Activation your License and Start

    1. Please follow this guideline to activate your license.
    2. Now you can go to Home tab, press Start and enjoy.