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Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Teams Order

      Sort your Saved Squads teams according to rule: High Power to Low Power
      This will help you optimize your blitz more.

      For example with 30 teams:
      Team 1: BO 500k
      Team 2: X-Men 450k
      Team 29: Trash 20k
      Team 30: Trash 10k

    2. Fast Event Farming

      You can limit the tier to 5 and use Defense mode. Bot will do blitz at tier 4. Fast and win 100%

    3. Blitz Selection

      When you configure Bot to do Red Star Orb but the bot hits Premium Orb or vice versa. This is not a bug, it is a bot's feature. Bot is trying to complete the milestones, once done Bot will choose the correct blitz you have configured.

    4. RTA Knockout Objective more faster

      Currently RTA only has Knockout Objective.

      1. You can choose 5 characters that you think are most suitable and choose Manual Mode.
      2. There is another way that is not as good as, you marking 5 characters like above as VS Favorite and using Auto mode.
    5. Fast Start & Stop Bot.

      In Bluestack, you can use Volumn DOWN to start bot, and Volumn UP to stop bot. It is woking with Bluestack hotkey.