Wash your face like a cat!

Just play the best parts of the game...

...let WYFLAC take care of the rest.

Important Information

  • My bot run stable on:
    • PC: BlueStacks, LD9
    • Phone: F1 VM, VMOS
      My bot CAN NOT run on IPhone
    • Cloud: LDCloud, RedFinger



  1. Auto-play Blitz
    • Bot can check the availability of your saved squad and used to play Blitz when available.
    • Did you know "Double Check"?
      Here, I made a "Triple Check" to ensure the bot does not consume any of your power core.
  2. Smart detect and filter opponents
    • Based on MSF content creator info-graphics, each character and team have a score.
    • If your team is stronger than an opponent, the bot will make a battle with that opponent.
  3. Auto adjust filter opponents condition with each tier
    • As you know, the power of your opponents at tier 7 not the same as tier 8. Bot knew this thing and can give you have the highest win rate.
    • This is a very detailed processing from tier 5.0,5.1 to tier 8.2, 8.3; up to 16 small processing.
  4. Auto adjust filter opponents condition for each team
    • Bot support almost common teams from MSF Streamer. All supported teams can punch up the team that it can be counted even the score of it lower that team.
  5. Auto target important character
    • For people who have not unlocked SIM mode, the bot knows to target priority characters such as Red Skull, Iron First, Domino,...
  6. Battle Result Log & Capture
    • All your Blitz battle saved to log in to your storage with CSV format. If you know how to use Excel, it will help you much.
    • Bot can capture battle result for Defeated battle for you.
  7. Auto use Blitz Charge
    • Bot can use 25 Blitz recharge for team you want to use, you can choose the teams very easy.
    • You can setup bot use at 8.3 to optimize blitz score or lower tier if you want.
  8. Use trash team for raise up tier
    • Bot can detect current tier and use trash teams for tier 1 2 3. You can save more Blitz Score for top racing.


  1. Automatic doing Arena for daily objective
  2. Bot allows you to configure doing Arena before the Reward payout time to prevent losing rank too much.

RTA - Real-time Arena

  1. Automatic doing RTA daily and weekly objective.
  2. Bot has a dedicated mode for Knockout Objective to doing this objective more efficiently.


  1. Automatic farm shard from campaign for Favorite Character, So you just need mark for character you want to farm as Favorite then enable this function.
  2. You can setup for bot buying campaign energy by Energy Refill or Power Core to optimize resource.


  1. Automatic farm gear from Doom War campaign.
  2. You just need setup the campaign nodes that you want to farm.


  1. Automatic Farm ISO Campaign by node. You just need select the nodes you want to farm.
  2. You can setup for bot buying ISO-8 campaign energy by Energy Refill or Power Core to optimize resource.
  3. Bot have function to help you select the ISO-8 gem faster.
    For example:
    You want to farm Damage gem for Blaster and you don't know the nodes.
    In bot GUI, it have Blaster class and Damage button, just press it.


  1. Bot supported all common raid included:
    • Ultimus VII
    • Doom I
    • Alpha IV
    • Beta IV
    • Gamma IV
  2. You can setup for each node, the team doing and automatic or manual (for hard node)
  3. Bot have friendly GUI to help you setup team very easy, you just select slot and character.
    You can copy team from other node to make it faster.


  1. Support all type of Challenges
  2. Allow to turn On/Off with each type.
    You can set up the Bot skip to claim form Medical Supply Run challenges to optimize Blitz recharges

QoL - Quality of life feature

  1. Bot automatic claim free Energy
  2. Bot automatic claim Daily Objectives rewards
  3. Bot automatic claim RTA rewards
  4. Bot automatic doing Alliance Donation
  5. Bot automatic buying War Defense Booster and War Energy Refill